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Buy First, Sell Later OR Sell First, Buy Later? Let's explore to Pros and Cons

When maneuvering to buy and sell your current and future home, planning is very important. From the financial planning, the timeline and what is the strategy, whether to buy first and sell later, or sell first and buy later. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Let's dive in.

Buy First, Sell Later

Lets assume we are buying a HDB and then selling a HDB.

This strategy allows you to secure your top choice property that you wish to buy next, and know that you will be having a home, without having to secure an interim house. However, unless you are confident that you can get the desired selling price for your current house, this strategy is risky. Seller will be encouraged to sell quickly, since HDB owners are only allowed 6 months to sell their place, once they have bought the other property ( a HDB owner can only be allowed to own only ONE HDB at a time ). On top of that, the buyer must be able to afford the downpayment ( 10% of the property price, assuming you are taking HLE ). Rushing to sell your property may end up not getting the price that you want for your current home.

Sell First, Buy Later

This strategy is allows the seller to get his desired asking price before proceeding to buy another. However, you may miss out on your top property choice while waiting to get your current house sold. Selling first and buying later allows the owners to sell cash out their current property and use the cash proceeds to place the downpayment, renovation cost for their next purchase.

Buy First, Sell Later


- Get your top choice property

- No interim house needed, straight move in


- Rushing to selling, may not get desired or lower price for your property

- Must be able to afford the 10% downpayment (if using HLE)

Sell First, Buy Later


- Will be able to afford the downpayment, renovation cost for your next purchase


- May not get your top choice next property

- May need an interim house, or ask for temporary extension on your current house from their incoming owner to allow you to stay (max 3 months allowed) before moving in your next home

There is no right or wrong to the timeline above. Preferably for me, would be to Sell first, Buy later. sell at the desired price while looking for a buyer who will allow a temporary extension of stay, so the transition from the current house to the next will be smooth and seamless.

There are many other strategies ways into buying and selling of property. Call us to learn more about the process of buying and selling at +65(9062-2444).

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