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Tips into Buying your First HDB Property

Just got married? Singles, and just turned 35 years old? Congratulations. You are eligible to buy your first Property.

Here are some tips before you go about buying your first Property.

1) Check your Eligiblity to Buy. You will have to Register Intent to Buy via the HDB Portal to check if you already Eligible to Buy a HDB. I have shared a link here to direct you to the HDB portal.

2) Apply for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) or Bank In-principle to check before hand, to determine how much loan you are eligible, so you will know what will be your maximun housing budget, and what type of housing and area you can purchase the hdb from.

3) Now, start your house hunting to find your dream house.

I will always recommend my clients to follow these steps. Property buying can be exciting but can be stressful as well, so new buyers may overlooked certain things. I have encountered many stories of buyers forfeiting their deposit with HDB, after failing to secure a sufficient loan to afford a property. Doing your housing financial calculation is key.

To learn more about buying your new HDB stress-free, contact us at +65(9062-2444).

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