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Tips to Selling Your HDB

If you are reading this post, most likely that your HDB has reached or is reaching its 5-years Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) and you are looking to sell, and perhaps takig the next property step and upgrade to a Condominium.

Here are some tips into selling your HDB fast and at a premium price.

1) De-clutter: New buyers will most likely renovate the property that they will be buying, regardless if the unit is renovated or not. Decluttering of unwanted furnitures will create space, especially when units in Singapore are trending smaller and smaller.

2) Re-paint: A fresh coat of paint freshens up a unit. Especially those buyers who are looking ready to move-in apartments immediately, units with new paint will appeal to them. Bright-coloured paint is visually pleasing to the eyes making the unit looking bright and lively.

3) Repair: Fused bulbs, hinges, bidet, handles and wiring if theres any. This gives the impression that the house is very well maintained and next owner will not have to fork out too much.

4) Staging: Ever been to a New condo showflat? The way the display is done, the arrrangement of the furnitures, the lightings, the smell of the aromatherapy, the music. Do that when you are selling your HDB.

I hope these tips will help you with selling of your HDB.

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