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What are the factors to consider when Buying a Property? ( Owner-occupied/ To stay )

Buying a property can be split into 2 categories: To stay or To investment.

This topic can be very deep and subjective to each and every individual buyer, but lets discuss generally and just scratch the surface first.

For Owner-Occupied ( For Stay )

When a buyer is looking for a property to buy with the intention to stay, in general, one will be looking out for price, peace and convenience. Location and proximity to parents, amenities, MRT, shopping malls, expressways in paramount, where they can save time, especially in busy Singapore.

- Being near parents place for easy commute, to visit their parents, or when parents are assisting in taking care of their children. ( Will be eligible for CPF Housing Grants to be near parents as well )

- Near children's schools

- Near work place

- Affordability ( Find a property within your budget, to not over-stretch your means )

- Age of the property ( the older the building, higher chance of higher maintenance cost )

- Friendly neighbours. Having friendly and helpful neighbours is often overlooked. Good neighbour may prevent you from hair loss and heart attack amd sometimes loss of voice. So dont overlook this factor.

- Near MRT, shopping mall, amenities ( For added convenience for daily provisions )

Here are some factors to look into before you zero in on buying your next property.

Did you have the same factors when you are buying your Property?

What other factors did you look out for?

Share with us. And Good luck for your next Home!

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