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Can I Afford to Buy a HDB?

Since majority of the population in Singapore owns or stay in HDB, this is a very common question. Whether one can afford to buy a HDB.

Subject to your Eligibility to Buy a HDB , stay calm, even if your fiance/fiancee or spouse kept prodding you to buy a unit. The moment this conversation comes up, swiftly change topic to their favorite restaurant or if they would like to catch a movie. Hahaha.

Jokes aside, purchasing property in Singapore is expensive, so please do your due diligences and know what type of property and price that you will be able to afford.

Here are the steps to follow before you start your property search:

Do this first step first. In fact, in the HDB portal, after you have done the Register Intent to Buy, it will lead you to follow other necessary steps to obtaining your new home. But over here, I'll simplify it for you, because, I'm as excited for you, for you to own your own property.

Know what you can afford and your max budget. This will be the total of your combined CPF, HLE ( HDB Loan Eligibility ), CPF Grants that you may get and Cash that you wish to put in.

3) Once you know your affordability, now you can start your home search.

Good luck!

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